ELV Cabling Services - Comnet Systems

ELV Cabling Solution

ELV Cabling Solution

As an ELV Cabling Specialist with BCA ME04 L5 Work-head, besides data system, we integrate all your other ELV systems and services to operate seamlessly on a single cable plant, examples of such services are

  • VoIP telephony system
  • CCTV surveillance system
  • Traffic counting system
  • Security Control and Access system
  • PA system
  • Car-park System
  • Digital video /sign board/whiteboard
  • IPTV System
  • AV IT System
  • Power Management System
  • Building Management System
  • Other ELV systems

We provide complete services for cabling & network ELV infrastructure from

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Testing & Commission
  • Maintenance & Enhancement

We are experienced in not only integrating the cabling system for different ELV systems but also designing and implementing network infrastructure to connect all the different ELV systems together



  • Does the ELV Cabling Specialist have the relevant experience on the size of the project or the relevant BCA work-head to do the project?
  • Does the ELV Cabling Specialist have relevant experience on integrating different ELV systems together?
  • Does the ELV Cabling Specialist have relevant experience on integrating the network systems for different ELV systems together?
  • Does the ELV Cabling Specialist have certified cabling and network engineer to execute the project?



  • Do you need to integrate with existing ELV systems?
  • Any distance limitation for ELV devices?
  • Any outdoor requirement for ELV devices?
  • Separate network system or integrated network system for all the different ELV Systems?
  • Do you need to customise the enclosure inside the ELV riser?
  • Is network IP routing required for different IP address range for the different ELV systems?