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Providing Quality Structured Cabling Solution

Holistic project management from Consultancy, Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning to Maintenance and Enhancement.

Get Updated With Latest Industry Products and Technology

Our expertise as ICT and cable specialist allows you and your business partners a peace of mind to meet project expectations.

Fiber Optics

  • Multimode OM3,OM4
  • Singlemode, FTTx
  • Custom MTP


  • CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, CAT8
  • Coax for ELV applications

Established Certification to Ensure Quality Assurance and Service Excellence

Be rest assured that your projects will be completed on time with high standards of delivery by our experienced team with recognized industry certifications.

How to select a structured cabling specialist

Every project is different, be it the scope, timeline or cost will depends on the business’s objectives and needs. Implementation for a campus-wide cabling infrastructure differs very much from a single or multi-storeys office. In a campus-wide infrastructure, we will need more time to plan and more labour cost for installation.

To avoid any pitfalls during implementation, it is important to select a specialist with the relevant experience.

No project is too big for COMNET Systems as COMNET Systems is a BCA ME04 L5 contractor with project tendering limit of up to $10 million.

All cabling infrastructure project implementation success starts with the correct design. Schematic diagrams issued during tender phase may need to be re-look or re-designed to fully comply with cabling standards or customer’s needs.

At COMNET Systems, we have certified BICSI Registered Communication and Distribution Designer (RCDD) and Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC) to help you validate your tender drawings to ensure that the installation complies with international standards.

Especially for customer owned building, it is very important for the customer to put in the latest cabling infrastructure to meet the customer’s business needs for the next 15 to 20 years equivalent to the lifespan of the building.

At COMNET Systems, we are also kept abreast with the latest cabling products and technologies from different cabling manufacturers. This will allow the customer a peace of mind in achieving cost efficiency with the most suitable products to achieve their needs.

Quality installation is always taken for granted by the customer, however it is not always possible to achieve with untrained technician or engineer.

At COMNET Systems, we ensured all our technicians and engineers are either manufacturers trained, or COMNET Systems trained. This commitment will ensure the customer with the utmost consistency in the installation.

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