Uninterruptible Power Supply Singapore

Some tips from us

  1. Tabulate a list of all the equipment to be supported by the Uninterruptible Power Supply.
  2. Confirm the power rating of each device to be backup. The rating can be watts or VA. Add them together.
  3. Multiply the total power consumption by a safety factor of 1.3 to cater for in-rush current surge and future expansion.
  4. Check for the requirement of the back-up time for the equipment. More space (additional external battery pack) is required if longer backup time is needed.
  5. Depending on the requirement, select either an offline, online or line-interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply accordingly.
  6. Depending of site situation and configuration, centralise Uninterruptible Power Supply maybe a more cost effective solution than multiple Uninterruptible Power Supply approach.
  7. Centralise Uninterruptible Power Supply will require “hard-wirings”, eg isolator, power cables, distribution board, etc
  8. De-centralise Uninterruptible Power Supply installation will be straight-forward and easier to implement.
  9. Check the incoming power availability (Single-phase or Three-phase breaker) in order to determine if electrical wirings is required.
  10. Always ensure there is 24 hours air-conditioning in the room.