A Power Supply That Isn’t Interruptible (UPS). When purchasing a computer, it is one of the most significant purchases you can make. It not only safeguards your hardware investment, but it also eliminates data loss, boosting user productivity. When it comes to a business, it is not just UPS for a computer. Rather, it is … Continue reading What Are Uninterruptible Power Supplies?


What is a UPS power supply? UPS is an uninterruptible control supply in Singapore designed to be used as an auxiliary control source to successfully and instantly switch battery boosters for computers and other memory-based devices as needed. Personal computers, also known as PCs, are packed with important but damaged computer components that are often … Continue reading The Complete Guide to Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


Security Camera Range: Factors to Consider  Having your security cameras in the right place is just as important as having them. If your cameras are in the wrong place, you may lose out on getting evidence of important events. When you are determining camera placement, you should think about how far they will be able to see. … Continue reading CCTV System


Wi-Fi 6: is it Really that much faster? Wi-Fi is about to get faster. Faster internet is constantly in demand, especially as we consume more bandwidth-demanding apps, games, and videos with our laptops and phones. But the next generation of Wi-Fi, known as Wi-Fi 6 is not just a simple speed boost. Its impact will be … Continue reading Wireless Network Solutions


What is physical security? Physical security has traditionally been viewed as an unsexy and tedious topic that few want to tackle; however, everyone knows that safety and security must be adequately addressed. From talking to endless lines of hardware store reps about installing door locks, to antiquated, dystopian visions of bored security guards in rooms … Continue reading Access Control System


We understand all the advantages we can get from using Fiber Optics as means for data transmission such as low attenuation, infinite bandwidth, and non EMI/RFI … etc. For Long Distance (Kilometers) we choose for Singlemode Fibers and using Lasers as transmitter whereas for building networks (meters) we go for Multimode Fibers that uses VCSEL … Continue reading What’s the difference between OM3, OM4 and OM5 Multimode Fiber?


Structured Cabling is a broad term for the linking of network devices in a system that consists of cabling and associated hardware, forming a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. According to the Fiber Optic Association, “structured cabling is the standardized architecture and components for communications cabling specified by the EIA/TIA TR42 committee and used as a voluntary … Continue reading What Is Structured Cabling?

Network Cabling Services

Overview The OM3 and OM4 fibers are laser-optimized with a 50/125 core, which is made to comply with the ISO 11801 Standard. The OM3 fiber specs indicate that the OM3 is particularly made for 10 Gb/s transmission speed, but it is also compatible with, and can function under 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s. The OM4 … Continue reading Choosing between the OM3 and OM4 Fiber optic cables


As an ELV Cabling Specialist with BCA ME04 L5 Work-head, besides data system, we integrate all your other ELV systems and services to operate seamlessly on a single cable plant, examples of such services are VoIP telephony system CCTV surveillance system Traffic counting system Security Control and Access system PA system Car-park System Digital video … Continue reading ELV Cabling Solution


It is always confusing when you need to choose an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) as each different UPS system has its own distinct performance characteristics. The common UPS designs are listed as follows Standby Line Interactive Standby-ferro Double conversion on-line Delta conversion on-line Standby UPS The Standby UPS is the most common used for stand-alone … Continue reading Selection and Sizing of Uninterruptible Power System